Sunday, August 14, 2011

Foal Recession!

There may be 8.5% fewer spindly little foals wobbling around their stalls this year, according to Jockey Club projections. This will be the smallest Thoroughbred foal crop since 1971. This seems almost tragic; who doesn’t want more precious baby Thoroughbreds gallivanting around?

I’m not an expert on the economics of how this drop in foals will affect the racing world, but I do have a consideration to make. If these 24,000 foals are of high quality, perhaps the number of Thoroughbreds rejected and sold to slaughter will also be reduced. We can only hope. As suggests, horses of less-than-desirable breeding are often the ones who suffer the most in terms of abuse, neglect, and kill pens. Interesting thoughts on what may seem to some to be a disappointment. I won’t deny, though, that I freakin’ love the sight of a baby horse no matter how fugly!

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