Thursday, September 22, 2011

Horse Therapy- The Free Kind!

I had to go get some horse therapy this week. It's like shopping therapy, only smellier. It had been turning into "one of those weeks" where nothing is ever enough and your best is still somehow unacceptable. That's our education system for you, ever-unrealistic. Anyway, I desperately needed to forget about all those things so I headed to the farm.

Did I mention I was wearing a dress? Yes, I had worn a dress to school that day but was in such dire need for some equine lovin' that it didn't matter. At least I had cowboy boots on with it! I stepped out of the car, sucked in a deep breath of the sweet barn smell and immediately felt better!

I let sweet, beautiful Belfast slobber all over my hand for what had to be ten minutes, and was already nearly restored to my usual happy and fulfilled self. His goofy personality was just what I needed!


When my hand was sufficiently wet and slimy, I left Belfast to his silly antics and headed for the baby paddock. They're so big now; it's hard to believe that just a few months ago they were stumbling around on wobbly knobby-kneed legs! An adorable little bay with a huge round fuzzy star came to the fence and let me stroke him for I don't even know how long. He kept looking me over, repositioning, looking me over again, and taking big long sniffs of me. I loved his curiosity. It was so refreshing and real.

After awhile I patted him goodbye, and he wandered off to his buddies. I went over to kiss Belfast one more time and waved goodbye to a (human) friend, shouting "See ya! That was all I needed!" And it really was all I needed. I have felt just dandy ever since. Now I just need to make my happy horse feeling last until Saturday!


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  2. I understand EXACTLY what you mean by horse therapy! And sometimes, just hanging out with the horses without worrying about riding and training them can be the best feeling in the world. Glad you feel restored! And I'm happy to be following; love your posts!