Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wednesday Wish List

The horse-related things I've been pining for, from the never-gonna-happen to the I'm-gonna-buy-it-tomorrow!

Never-Gonna-Happen Wish (mostly because he's not in the area 
and someone will probably have already bought him by the time I post this)

Gorgeous 16.3h Cajun Quickstep up for adoption (at $750!) through CANTER New England, as posted by a favorite blogger of mine, Natalie Keller Reinert at Retired Racehorse.

A-Little-More-Realistic-But-Probaby-Still-Won't-Happen Wish

Hello, gorgeous! I fell madly in love with this horse last summer, but he has since been adopted to a wonderful new home by my racehorse favorite rescue, Remember Me.

I'm-Gonna-Buy-It-Tomorrow! Wish

Who doesn't want their horse to have glitter hooves??! This is amazing. It brings back memories of 13-year-old me smearing Crisco on my horse's hooves (because it was supposed to work as well as any conditioner, although the jury is still out on that) and sprinkling gold glitter on them so he would sparkle.

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