Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Wednesday Wish List

As always, topping the list is an OTTB! I don't think I'll ever stop wanting one of these- until I get one, that is, and then I'm sure I'll still just want more of them!

This adorable guy is named Heather's Prince, aka Beau, and he's a beautiful 4-year-old bay with the nature of a teddy bear. At 16.2 hands high, he meets my height requirement for sure!! I love his alert responsiveness and sweet, brave interest in the world around him. That adorable, awe-filled awareness of their surroundings is one of my favorite things about all young TBs! I'll need to alter my wish list slightly to request that Beau stay 4 years old forever. Haha!

He's truly a sweetie pie, and would be wonderful as anything from favorite trail buddy to dressage show horse, not to mention your best friend. I just love him!!

If you are interested in putting this beauty on your wish list, check out Remember Me Rescue for more info and to schedule a time to go see him! You can also email me for more info on him, too! 

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