Saturday, January 28, 2012

What an OTTB and a Quarter-Life Crisis Have in Common

I took the hubby out to meet Beau today! It was so fun watching them interact. Beau snuggled right up to him and leaned in for some good scratches. The two things I love most in the world in one place, my husband and a horse! It doesn't GET any better than that!!!

I made him take some pics of me with Beau since I just can't get enough. I absolutely and completely love this horse. I really think I'm going to try to buy this one, although every few months I seem to fall head-over-horseshoes in love with another one of the rescues, and go back and forth with myself like this:

Self 1: "I'm gonna buy him!"
Self 2: "I know, I want him too, but board is just too expensive."
Self 1: "I don't care. I love him. We'll make it work!"
Self 2: "You're right, let's get him!"
Self 1: "We can't."

No joke! That's exactly how it goes. But this time, my 25th birthday is coming up and I really want to make sure it means something. I mean, it'll be a quarter of a century that I have been blessed with this beautiful life. I've met and married the person I love most in the world, have a steady job and am able to provide of the two of us while he goes through med school, and I adore my two precious furry doggy children.

However, when I think back to what I thought that my life would be like at 25, there was absolutely no imagined scenario in which I DIDN'T have a horse. I mean, really. No matter what I thought I'd be doing (and believe me, in none of these scenarios was I a teacher, either! ha!), I at least had one horse. Usually more than one. As a self-sufficient adult who is perfectly capable of making things happen for herself, why haven't I made this one entirely feasible dream come true for myself?

Yes, it will be expensive. But, we just paid off Jared's motorcycle, and now it's time for MY big exciting purchase! :) Funny that they're both rideable . . . lol! I just need to work out a few details. I really and truly can't devote $400 a month to board and other expenses. Like, I can't. That doesn't mean I have to give up, though. I just know that there is some blessed and heavenly soul around here who would let him stay for the cost of feed and a little more. I just know it. Horse people are like fairy godmothers to each other, coming in at just the right time to help dreams come true. It's just what we do for each other. It's a mutual understanding of a desperate love for these animals. I've done it for others, and will continue to assist this equine love until my last day.

So on that note, please please please let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions for me! And here is my darling Beau, all 16.2 furry-winter-coat hands of him!

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