Saturday, August 13, 2011

I turn my attention to the amazing ex-racehorses at Remember Me Rescue. Although many of these horses find wonderful new homes before I have a chance to really develop a bond with them, I would like to feature them the way I knew them.

Clearly Persuaded

Stunning yet soft at the same time perfectly describes Clearly Persuaded. One of the most beautiful horses I have ever seen, Clearly Persuaded has big melty brown eyes and luxuriously long eyelashes. She looks like a movie star straight out of the fifties with her glamorous, rounded features and charming disposition. A well-built, gorgeous bay with a pretty white star gracing her forehead, Clearly Persuaded is always sweet, willing, and calm. I loved going to the rescue for the sole purpose of petting and hugging on her, and she just reveled in the attention. Clearly Persuaded now proudly carries the apt name of Princess Lea given by her new owners. Congratulations, Clearly Persuaded!

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