Friday, August 12, 2011

~Available for Adoption at

Now begins the time when I will feature different racehorses who have finished their racing careers and spent some time at Remember Me Racehorse Rescue. Many of these horses have found wonderful homes and are no longer at the rescue, but I will also provide information on horses currently available for adoption here.

A gorgeous coat of bright copper covers Gunner’s handsome 16.2 hand frame. Gunner has a wonderful, happy personality and his intelligence is evident in his kind brown eyes. At 11 years old, Gunner has received excellent training and quickly and readily performs whatever is asked of him. Gunner is a delight to ride; he is very responsive and has graceful gaits. This sweet, eager-to-please horse would be successful in just about any field. Gunner’s kind nature and highly-developed training make him appropriate for nearly every level of rider.

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