Sunday, August 7, 2011


One horse I met that day made my turnaround back to horses complete. His name
was Rocket, and he was an angelic gray color. Rocket seemed to know just what I
needed, and he showed me that sweet, tender, trusting love that can only from a
horse. It took just moments with him for me to remember exactly why I loved
these animals so much. I had forgotten the reasons . . . my love for them was still there,
but I hadn’t been able to remember precisely why. Rocket brought the magic back for me.

After meeting all the horses, I was asked if I would like to ride Rocket. Of course,
I said yes. He stood so still and was so agreeable to every request as I groomed
him; I could just feel his huge gentle heart waiting to be loved and to love back. I
remember saddling him up, checking his face to gauge his emotion. He looked back
at me with huge wet brown eyes with a look as plain as day that asked "Do we belong to each other now?” My heart melted. This message was so poignant, so clear, and it wasn’t the only time I would feel that pondering question from him.

Our ride that day was wonderful, but that doesn’t stand out to me nearly as much
as the connection Rocket and I made while on the ground. It was like magic. Rocket
needed a person to love him, to trust him, to need him. I needed a horse to love
me, to trust me, to need me. We fit perfectly.

Rocket and I spent many happy hours together, bonding and growing in our relationship. He gave the best hugs, and we loved our time together. Unfortunately, finances kept me from purchasing Rocket as my own, though I desperately wanted to. Instead, Rocket found a wonderful home with a girl who I
was told resembled me in many ways. This eased the pain of losing Rocket a little,
though my heart tore in two when he left.

Rocket brought me back to a love that had been dormant for a little while. I am so
grateful to him, and I think of him often. I hope he is getting the love and attention he craves and
deserves every single day.

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