Sunday, October 30, 2011

Yeah Me Do, "Yammi" 

Yammi's been getting a lot of extra attention from me lately. As a sweet older gelding with a charming personality, Yammi is pretty much the mascot for Remember Me Racehorse Rescue. He's a 28-year-old ex-racehorse with an amazing story you can read here, and I've really started to appreciate him even more than usual these days.

Yammi ~ Isn't he sweet??

I really just want to make sure the old guy lives out the rest of his days feeling VERY VERY loved. I don't just want him to be comfortable and happy, I want him to feel like royalty. He's an absolute dear, and he needs to know it.

Anyway, today I went out to love on him and I noticed that his two pasture-mates completely adore him as well. As in, they were both grooming him when I walked up, and they trailed along right behind us as we walked all the way across the pasture to the gate. I had to chase them away just to squeeze Yammi out. They simply just worship the ground the old guy walks on. Understandable. Yammi's good stuff.

Here they are, Yammi and his followers. He looks slightly annoyed at their constant affections.

I spent a long time brushing and doting on Yammi. He stood stock-still, loving every minute. I talked to him the whole time. I'm glad there wasn't anyone there to hear me today- horse talk can be pretty personal stuff! I told Yammi he could pretend that I was the little girl I know he's always deserved. Of course, I wanted to pretend I was seven years old again too, brushing my beautiful equine companion. Yammi reminds me a lot of the first horse I ever fell in love with, Glo. They're both flea-bitten greys, impossibly sweet, kind, slow, and wise. The best characteristics in a little girl's horse, to be sure.

Yammi gives the best hugs, and looks at you with such quiet interest. I feel a funny maternal feeling toward Yammi, like I need to protect him from any possible harm. At the same time, though, I feel like he is very much a grandfather watching over the humans he loves. We went on a quick little ride (and by quick, I mean very short! and by little, I mean very light!) just to keep him ready for the trail ride fundraiser next week, during which he will be giving pony rides. All he really wants to do is meander around, smell the flowers, watch the baby horses play. I respect that from him. He's been a good boy and worked hard for a long time, so I unsaddled him after a short ride to dote on him some more.

Isn't he cute all saddled up? Watching me with interest, desiring only to be still and quiet. Perhaps I should bring him some tea and a cigar next time. It would be very fitting.

Thank you for everything, Yammi! I wish blessings upon you every day!

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