Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Drought

It appears as though I've had a blogging drought! I'm not sure why, but I promise to get back on track VERY soon!!

While we're on the subject of drought, though, the article below causes me serious concern. If you can donate hay or financial support to horse rescues in the southern states, please do! They need it bad.

 Picture Source:

Here are some things I've been up to while not posting (oops!)! The puppy I rescued from outside the school where I teach is now officially mine (hooray!). I love him to pieces, and I've named him Robey. My Husband The Smart-Ass asked me if we would name our next dogs Pantsy and Shirtsy . . . lol! Robey gets along fabulously with our golden retriever, and he gets him lots of exercise by chasing him around in a very puppy-like fashion. 

We believe him to be a doxie-pom mix (dachshund-pomeranian), as he fits the pictures and descriptions exactly. He'll get his shots next weekend, and is already sporting a manly pink collar. Love.

Here he is below, with me and my newly-colored DARK hair! Wow! Trying to save money means cutting out extra expenses, such as blond hair the requires constant touch-ups. Sigh. Still trying to get used to it. At least Robey looks adorable!!

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