Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Best Horse Gift That Wasn't Actually a Horse

The hubby and I just returned from one of the most wonderful Christmases ever. We went to Lubbock to visit my family and have an early Christmas with them, and it was absolutely delightful. The best part was undoubtedly getting to spend precious time with my dear mom, dad, and sister. I love them so much and am so very thankful for them. Gifts were thoughtful, meaningful, and heartfelt from all, and the love, joy, and sharing was tangible as we gave from our hearts.

I believe I may have received the most considerate gift of all this year, though. But first, some background information. My sweet family has always regarded my horse-craziness with kindness and respect, albeit some confusion. Many loving horse-themed gifts have been accrued over the years, including some real-live equines. This gift was extra-special though, because this time my husband, in all his lack of horse-craziness, was integrally involved.

You see, my mom had the idea to have a huge picture printed on canvas of one of the horses at Remember Me Rescue. My heart and soul are in the wonderful horses at this rescue, and each one seems more beautiful than the next. Truly one of the most beautiful horses to ever stay at that barn, though, I happened to have taken a picture of a few months ago. Sneaky sneaky Jared stole it from my computer and sent it to my mom to have printed for me, and now I have the most gorgeous piece of art I have ever owned. Beautiful because of the composition, yes, beautiful because of the contrast, yes, beautiful because of the movement, yes. But even more beautiful because of what it represents to me. More beautiful because it expresses my love for the thoroughbred. More beautiful because my family who doesn't share my love for horses loves me enough to get me this perfect incarnation of my life's passion. 

It's beautiful up and down, sideways, forward and backward, anywayyoulookatit. I will treasure this gift forever! (I'll post a picture of the print hanging as soon as we get it up, but here's the photo it came from!)

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