Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Horse for Christmas

To every little girl who has ever asked for a horse for Christmas . . . I understand.

Horses are the closest to things to magic you will ever experience on earth, but if you don't get a pony for Christmas, it's okay. Their magic will remain, waiting until you can grasp it.

A horse will be the best friend you've ever had, but if you don't get one for Christmas, it's okay. Practice being a good friend to the people around you, so you're ready to receive a horse's friendship when it's time.

There is nothing like the connection between a horse and rider who trust each other, but if you don't get a horse for Christmas, it's okay. Keep taking lessons, ask to help out at nearby barns, ride every chance you get, and you can still have that connection.

Horses are beautiful, graceful, intuitive, strong, and sensitive, but if you don't get one this holiday, it's okay. Model yourself after their characteristics and you, too, will become a beautiful being.

A horse is the best gift you may ever receive,  but if you don't get a horse this Christmas, it's okay. Give yourself the gift of a horse when the time is right.

There is nothing like the feeling of helping a horse in need, and that is something you can get this Christmas. Lots of horses at rescues all over the country are waiting for a kind heart like yours to donate money for food or supplies. Helping these horses have better lives will be the next best thing to owning one of your own.

When you are older and much time has passed, don't forget your childhood dream. Chase that dream, and make it happen for yourself. Find a horse somewhere, somehow to love, and you will be happy. Because as a 25-year-old little girl who still asks for a horse for Christmas every year, I know that joy is found in horses whether I own them or not. It is still not the right time for me to have a horse for Christmas, but as long as I can connect my heart to theirs sometimes, it's okay.

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