Monday, January 16, 2012

I Have a Dream . . . 

Well, it's been awhile since my last post but that's a good thing because it means I've had enough time to make it out to the rescue where I work with OTTBs! It's a forty minute drive out there so sometimes I can only go once every two weeks or so . . . SAD! But one of my New Year's resolutions was to let myself devote at least one night a week to the horses, no matter what might be in the way, and so far I've done a pretty good job of sticking to it! It's hard sometimes with teaching school, but since horses are such a good stress reliever I think it's working out!

Anyway, that was a whole lot of words to apologize for not posting in awhile, and to say that I might have to reserve my Horse of the Week topic for summers when I have more time to do a good job researching.

In other news, I think Beau may have found a home! Remember this guy? 

 So sweet and willing and fun! He has someone who fell in love with him just from his pictures and description, so hopefully he'll be heading home with a wonderful new owner in February! I'm going to miss him a lot, but I'm happy for him.

Here he is again, complying with my "we're-such-good-friends, let's-take-a-picture-together-while-I-hold-the-camera-awkwardly-out-in-front-of-us!" urge! Ha!

I've also been able to spend some time working with some of the horses who were rescued from the 60 horse seizure that occurred in Many, LA, recently. Remember Me Rescue was there to help round up, evaluate, treat, and find foster homes for the starving horses. Four of these sweet neglected creatures returned home to Remember Me for lots of TLC and rehabilitation until they are ready for new homes. I got to meet these 2 and 3 year olds, who had been so malnourished for so long that their growth was stunted, leaving them now just at the size of yearlings. Heartbreaking.

They are learning to trust, and are as sweet as can be. I feel privileged to be a part of such an amazing rescue that drove across the state and into another state to rescue these horses. It's going to be a huge expense, especially since some of the mares (who are in even worse shape than the colts and filly already at RMR) may be coming to the rescue soon, too, as soon as they are strong enough to travel. All horses have been removed from the property of the neglectful owner and are in the safe hands of Remember Me Rescue, the Louisiana Horse Rescue Association, the Sabine Humane Society, or other fosters. To read the full story, follow any of the following links (I will try to post a summary of events as well in the next few days):

**You can donate to this cause at the link directly below, as well. 

Here's a video of one of the mares who was seized from the man's farm. This mare will hopefully be joining us at RMR as soon as she is able. 

Have a wonderful Martin Luther King Day, and as we think about the abuse these horses suffered, remember that love and compassion WILL overcome! 

"I have a dream . . . "

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