Friday, January 6, 2012

Mattress Mack

It's time to share with y'all another horse I have desperately loved. Mattress Mack was a stunning gray OTTB who I met at Remember Me Rescue last spring. Being an incorrigible sucker for grays, I instantly fell in love with his gorgeous features. After spending just a few minutes with him, I had fallen in love with his precious personality, too.

I remember the day I met Mack at the rescue. I spent nearly an hour brushing his shiny light grey coat and sharply contrasting charcoal gray mane and tail. His legs dappled alternately into a gorgeous rusty brown and deep black. He was pure magic in color.

I spent as much time as I could loving on Mack, riding him, helping with his re-training. I soon found myself discussing with the hubby my intent to buy Mack. It was such a crazy decision, but I couldn't think past the chance to own the horse of my dreams! He was gray (my favorite equine color), met my 16+ hh requirement, would be able to jump, was a complete snuggle-bug . . . everything fit!

And then reality set in. How would I board him? Sure I could afford is adoption fee, but could I afford the $300-500 monthly boarding costs of area barns? What about shoeing, possible vet bills, monthly horse insurance to offset the possible vet bills . . . ? It all turned out to be too much for my wimpy teaching salary, my wild dream too crazy for my pragmatic outlook. Someday, I assured myself for the thousandth time EVER, someday. It seems to be my mantra.

With such beautiful pictures of him plastered all over Facebook, it wasn't long before Mack was snatched up by an adopter. I'm so happy he's in a wonderful home, but I still miss him a lot. Before he was adopted I managed to get some professional photos taken of Mack and me together, one of which I used for my headshot when I tried out for DCC. He's a beautiful boy, isn't he??!

Try to ignore my commentary if you can, haha!

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