Sunday, March 4, 2012

Big News!

I have SUCH exciting news to share, but it's something I can't share with people who know me just yet . . . only people who don't know me (outside of the blogosphere, that is, even though it feels like y'all are good friends!). You how you can tell a stranger on a plane your deepest darkest secrets because you know that even if they tell someone else, it still won't be someone you know? That's kinda what this is like!

Anyway, if you know me in "real" life PLEASE keep my secret for me until we are ready to share!

Okay, here goes! WE'RE PREGNANT!!!! I am so unbelievably excited, and so so very happy!

We just found out this morning, and we've already told our immediate family and closest friends, but I still want to tell more people! This is my alternative until I'm a little farther along and it's safer to let everybody in our everyday lives know.

Also, I will be chronicling my pregnancy in the form of a blog, written as letters to my future little darling. Please share this journey with me, too!

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  1. Congratulations!!!!!!

    This is such an exciting time. My oldest is 4 and I still remember the wonder and excitement (and occasional moments of "OMG, what was I thinking?!?!?!) that goes along with being pregnant for the first time. Great idea to chronicle it, too. I wish I had thought of that!