Saturday, March 10, 2012

Walking Buddy

It's the first day of spring break!! Man, do I love spring break! Especially when it means I get to spend the whole week with my incredible hubby, who is awesomely making tomatillo salsa in the kitchen as we speak. He rocks.

It also means I get to spend a lot of time at the rescue getting as many horsey kisses as I can before school starts back again! Since we found out we're pregnant (yay!yay!yay!!!! You can read the full story here) last week, I've been doing lots of research on things that are recommended and not recommended for women who are "in foal" (did ya like that joke? I did! Haha!). One of those highly not recommended things is activities that involve bouncing, i.e. lots of up and down motion, i.e. anything other than a walk for a rider. Boo. But because I love this little blueberry inside me more than anything already, I am totally willing to make the walking-only sacrifice for it! I'm so excited to be able say my little darling will have ridden a horse before it ever even exits the womb. He or she will be horse-crazy if I have anything to do with it!

There is one horse in particular at the rescue who happens to be a huge fan of walking, and so will be perfect for the next 8 months. This would be Yammi, a sweet old flea-bitten gray ex-racehorse with a heart of gold. He's going to be my pregnant walking buddy. We'll be alike in others ways, too, like the largeness of our bellies as I get farther along. And the general fuzziness, as I get farther along. And the gas, as I get farther along.

Yammi and I spent some time snuggling this morning while I explained everything to him. (Yammi happens to be a very good listener, you see). His large fuzzy body also provided a pleasant shield from the increasingly harder-pouring rain. Yammi's good for lots of things, umbrella being one of them! Here's an old picture of the dear fellow. I'm thinking I may get some pregnancy portraits done with him, too. I can't wait!

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